Frequently asked questions

What do I need to watch it live?

Technology is amazing. We've managed to partner with "All Because He Asked" in order to try to bring this memorable event to those who cannot attend in person. Please note that we are at still in the "beta" stage of live streaming the Winter Recitals here at Star Dance so there might be occasional issues on our end and for that we apologize. The first year (2014) went great and we hope to build on that success this year. Unfortunately, we are streaming at a venue that has only a wireless internet connection so there's a higher chance there will be dropouts with the signal. Rest assured if our signal goes down we'll do everything we can to get back online as quickly as possible. As for YOUR end, the faster your internet connection, the better. Our live streamed events can be seen LIVE on any computer, tablet, or mobile device with a high speed internet connection. Those with low speed, 2G, or dial-up connections will have issues keeping a connection. We recommend a DSL, Cable, T1 (or higher) internet connection for computer viewing. To view the live stream in HD, at the minimum, we recommend that your internet download speed is 5Mb/s-8Mb/s. You can easily test your download speed in just seconds by going to and click big green "Begin Test" button. While a strong mobile 3G connection "may" work when viewing on mobile devices, viewers may have intermittent signal loss so we highly recommend a 4G or LTE connection if you are watching on a mobile device whenever possible. We also recommend that your viewing device has at least 1GB of RAM and that you close all other applications on that device while streaming. Our viewers have reported successful streams on computers, tablets, iPads, iPhones, Android phones & other mobile devices from California to Australia and hundreds of locations in between.

What if I missed the live stream?

All dancers receive a copy of the entire event with special behind the scenes bonus footage in the weeks following the event.

How do I know when a particular number will begin? And how do I know which number is which?

There is a list of dance numbers for each show posted on this live stream page. Currently the best way to know which number is performing is to listen to the introduction of each number, or, often times the name of the dance number is the name of the song being played. Please note that sometimes a dance number might change it's order due to a number of issues that happen with any live event with this many kids. While most numbers go in order that you see listed on the show listing, keep an eye (and ear) out for changes mid-show where we might have two numbers swap spots in order.

Why are there advertisements?

If you are seeing ads before and even during the LIVE event, is is because these live streams are ad-supported in order to keep it free for you, the viewer. Here's the thing...we all hate ads. There's nothing like having to sit through endless amounts of commercials on TV just to watch your favorite show (thank goodness for DVR!) or a long 30 second commercial just to watch a 30 second video online. We use one of the top online companies, UStream, to host our events. UStream is an ad-supported web platform that provides live streaming. Well, in order to keep the cost of streaming our events in HD at a minimum, the company that we use to host our live events, UStream, places short 15 and 30 second spots at the start and sometimes during the event. But don't worry, they are short (albeit annoying...sorry) and we'll be right back when it's over. One tip is to refresh your browser prior to the dance number you are waiting to see which might help avoid an add starting right in the middle of a dance number you are waiting to see.

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